Who We Are

We are independent consultants advising you on Property/Casualty, Group Benefits, and Retirement programs.
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What We Do

Audit your insurance program to identify coverage gaps and duplications, saving you time and hundreds of thousands of dollars.
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How We Do It

The CMR Database® quickly and confidentially compares your program to industry peers - no need to leave your current broker.
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Group Benefits

Organizations around the world pay $1.6 trillion in Group Benefit premiums and claims per year. The challenge for an organization is how to strategically enter this marketplace to satisfy their specific requirements. Read More


Did you know? Worldwide, organizations spend approximately $1.3 trillion per year for their Property/Casualty premiums. Who’s the best broker specialist to use? Read More

Retirement Planning

CMR provides specialized services in the highly technical, continually changing area of employee benefit plan by integrating employee benefit objectives with a company's overall strategic plan. Read More

Private Equity

Since our beginning, we at CMR have worked extensively with the Private Equity community working side by side with them during the due diligence phase as well as post-close stewardship. Read More



  • 1) Quick & Accurate Benchmarking for Spend Analysis
  • 2) Connect to Industry-Specific Brokers, Specialists & Suppliers Policy Smart
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  • 3) Ensure you’re paying industry averages with our E-sourcing software

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