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By outsourcing your procurement and risk management consulting process to CMR, CFOs, procurement officers, and business owners can access our vast repository of industry information and engage with leading industry thinkers.

The CMR Database®. By connecting to this new, easy-to-navigate digital platform, you will have the benefit of its continually updated content. This information includes data from thousands of broker/vendor specialists and captives representing 120 countries. Millions of client program features are aggregated and compared in all industry sectors.

Despite a world of dealing with complex terminology, government protocols, high costs, broker/vendor solicitations, there is a new and proven alternative option. You now can quickly attain new global benchmarking metrics, expanded market access, more inclusive market intelligence for general liability, group health insurance, 401(k), retirement plans, business insurance and workers’ compensation. Long-term relationships can also be strengthened and enhanced.

The largest brokers/vendors only have a fraction of the overall available market. With CMR + PolicySmart®, your market entry points are expanded exponentially beyond the traditional localized effort.

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Property & Casualty

Utilize a unique matching system to protect your org’s assets with our Property Casualty broker and vendor specialists including acting as a risk management consulting firm.

Group Benefits

We’ve saved orgs over $120M in industry overcharges while identifying coverage gaps &  duplications. Let us help manage your commercial general liability cost too.


Let us help you manage your retirement cost and shed light as a non broker retirement advisory.

Private Equity

Search for general liability for small business and more with our proven data in private equity for Defined Benefits, Defined Contribution, 401(k), 401(b), Risk Management (Property/Casualty) and Group Benefit (Medical/Ancillary) spend categories.

  • One of America’s largest Home Health Care agencies engages CMR & Associates to audit Property/Casualty coverages to correct coverage gaps and at the same time reduces their annual spend by $1,000,000.

    Donald Brown - Director, Visiting Nurse Service Of New York
  • One of the nation’s largest auto leasing organizations with over 17,000 vehicles was facing continued Medical premium increases.  After meeting CMR & Associates, the premiums have been reduced in excess of $600,000 with a better network and plan design.

    Mike Reilly - Chief Human Resource Officer, Merchants Fleet Automobile.
  • Our long-term broker was unable to find us Professional Liability coverage at an affordable price, Until we hired CMR & Associates.  They used their proprietary database to quickly solve the problem and help us protect our organization.

    Larry Lorber - Director, Natixis
  • We engaged CMR & Associates to review our Property/Casualty costs after being with our long-term holding broker.  As a result, we saved hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Ken Pollak - CFO, Eileen Fisher
  • CMR & Associates was able to reduce our Group Benefit medical spend, portfolio-wide by $2,500,000 with improved plan designs and servicing.

    Timothy Hart - Partner, Aurora Capital